Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Country Girl 2


willipino said...

oh my! i love the shapes that you've used for her pants. beautiful.

Federico Bertolucci said...

Che bella espressione! Molto dolce!
I capelli hanno un bel movimento naturale e credo che ne terrĂ² conto disegnando i miei prossimi fumetti.

uwe said...

Hey Gabriele

You have very nice work on your blog
I like the diffrent styles and fluid lines - like here on her legs

best to you

PEPE said...

Fantastic Again!!

insert name here said...

Hi Gabriele,
Nice! Now go and rest! Ciao with a click from Switzerland. Did you get Regina yet?

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey nice blog you have here! Keep up the great work

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