Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Final Battle - First Blood


sedyas said...

Buenísimo! You are a f&%$@# genius, Gabriele.
Thanks thanks thanks for the inspiration.


L.E.Villanueva said...

Feels like an epic... know if we could only convince the studio to green light this project =)

I am sure it'd make a much, MUCH better movie than just another CG "comedy"


Mike Wieringo said...

WOW, Gabriele... that is so damned AWESOME...! You are such an amazing artist.... I'm utterly jealous.

Adrian Ropp said...

Just wonderful! I'm rooting for the Minotaur, naturally.

DanO said...

very "Frank".

Sergi Cardó said...

I love the way you draw, man...!!!

Virginia Valle said...

wowwww this is amazing,love the way your draw,too much action and energy,remind me to strokes of death :) painting

Nomad said...

Pathos. Non mi nient'altro. Sono letteralmente senza parole.

Scott Wright said...

"Final Battle"...I hope that doesn't mean this is the last Minotaur drawing.


Patrick said...

I love the guy at the corner looking at us very Norman Rockwell.

Tom said...

Awesome, bursting with action and life. I can hear the roar of the battle.

Travis Christian said...

This is EXCITING!!!

Great work, Gabriele!

OV! said...

3 words.

(thats a compliment)


Boris Hiestand said...

I have to admit that I thought your recent posts have been so similar I really didn't know what to say. They all seem like quick doodles with not much love put into them(of course I understand this blog is just a bit of fun on the side so what do I expect!)

But this post shows me again just how fucking great you are at what you do. Amazing. Love and respect from Munich!

heri said...

inspiration blog!

ken k said...

Awesome piece Gabri. I love it and I'm gonna miss seeing you hunched over in the corner of the room in the wee hours of the night working on these. I disagree with retardo montalban up there and I think each piece shows a love and attention to design and composition that you've always put into every piece.

Mauricio said...

Hi Gabriele,

Great job, very nice drawings, congratulations!

From Rio

Best regards


Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Thanks guys.

sedyas- You are welcome.

l.villanueva- Luis, you are on the production side, so maybe you could sell the idea.

mike- Thanks, but I'm the one that is jealous.

adrian ropp- Aren't we all?

dano- Thanks, but what do you mean with "Frank"?

sergi- I love the way you draw too.

virginiajoe- Thanks, you are so sweet.

scottwright- No is not the last one but...

ov- I hate you too.

heri- Thanks and welcome.

ken- Your Mama shark is smiling at me.
Have fun over at Pixar.

mauricio- Thanks and forza Brazil!

Virginia Valle said...

Well, I think when an artist done a piece of art, always is possible to find love and means. Im pretty sure each drawings on this blog have a tons of love and means.I think we must be very grateful because you share your art with us.

Anyway I hope the Minotaur survive in this adventure,because you said he will ally with the spider woman and I didnt see that page yet :).

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME epic scene!!

madmounty said...

realy awsome stuff, very playfull and fun to look at. why did you pick the same greys everytime? and why that one?

DanO said...

what do i mean by "Frank"??