Saturday, July 21, 2007

Animal Blog

Here is my book.
It is a collection of animal drawings mostly from my blog.
The book is 7" x 7" (18 x 18 cm), 32 pages full color.

I'll be with "Animal Blog" at the San Diego Comic Con booth #831.


Joe Jusko said...

SWEET!!! Save me one, Gabriele! I'll be seeing you there!!!

monday-morgue said...

Gabriele! Yesss, it's very nicce.

Wil said...

As I am unable to attend the San Diego Comic Con,can I order one from you?

jesusalonsoiglesias said...

Great news.
it must be a beautiful book. i hope it come to spain too.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Thanks guys.

After the Comic Con I'm planning to set up a page on my Blog where you should be able to purchase my book.
Stay tuned!

Jarrett said...

I'll buy one!

insert name here said...

Congratulations, Gabri! It's really nice!

martin wittig said...

YEAHHHHHHHAAA!!! Awesome! I won't be at this years Comicon,...Can I buy it elsewhere?
Awesome work Gabriel, and Congrat's on the book, I am sure that it will be a hit!

isabella noce said...


Oscar said...

I've been printing every drawing on your blog (on my poor Epson) since I discovered it! Now, they cover the walls room! It would be nice to have them in this more adecuate shape.


congratulations Gabriele - the book looks great!

il decu said...

Gabriele, sei un mito!!!
Ti linko nel mio blog, se me lo permetti.

bsleven said...

It was really wonderful to meet you at comic-con. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, and try not to give Jeremy to hard of a time. : )

Your book is wonderful.


Beth S.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Thanks guys,

martin wittig- Thanks, I had a great time at the CC and the book sold pretty well!

oscar- I'm flattered.

greg- Nice to hear from you.

il decu- Grazie e certo che puoi linkarmi.

bsleven- The pleasure was mine. Don't worry about Jeremy we all looove him.

Nelson Luty said...

Hey GABRIELE. AWESOME.!!!!!!!!no words

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