Thursday, August 02, 2007

More pictures from Comic Con

Me and the amazing Eric Canete with animation legend Eric Goldberg.

Chris Sanders was a lot of fun. He acted like he really loved my book.

Donnacchada, Jakob and me having a good time at the booth.

Paulina and Elmira were great fun. Here, Elmira is selling Jakob's book!

This "green family from outer space" was one of my favorite group costumes.

At the Con there were about 20 zombies walking around and they were great but these two zombie children were amazing!


Jeremy Bernstein said...


Kristin said...

p.s. Please come to the opening of the LA Myth show at Meltdown Comics on Saturday, August 11. I was too stunned by the fantastic art at your booth to remember to give you guys a flier. But, you can find all the details on my blog or at

Hope to see ya there. Spread the word!


Hello Gabriele!

Thank you so much for the conversation at this year's show. And you were far too kind in letting me draw in your sketchbook. I was in good company with the other talents that I saw therein. You are an inspiration and I can only hope to be as proficient an illustrator as you are someday - the works here and in the sketchbook you made available are the purest, simplest form of entertainment I have seen in a long long time.

Again, thank you for the conversation and for your time. I was/am humbled as ever. I'm just embarrassed that you put my thuggish mug next to a legend like Eric Goldberg up on your blog. Haha! I am now twice humbled.


Jenny said...

Gabriele, I wanted your book so badly, but after I'd bought the other three guys' I'd used up every dime of my cash! Dave P had to front me for dinner! Seriously! I need that book. Have you copies at work? Please forgive my rudeness at leaving without getting one and sell me a couple! Shoot me an email at dw please!

nigraz said...

complimenti.. ma come si puo avere il tuo libro..??

Balkandude said...

Congrat to your Book Gabriele!
Cheers man!

yaprak said...

ciao Gabriele!
Anchio vorrei comperare il tuo libro, come si fa?

Carolina Bensler said...

I hope that one day I'll can go to the San Diego's Comic Con xDD now is impossible to me to travel and that's sad.

Your images are really amazing! Congrats and good luck with your book ;)

hcg said...

Very exclusive photo and article thanks for sharing.