Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Croods 01

I had the opportunity to work on "The Croods" as storyartist, animator and anatomy consultant.
Here is a panel from an early version of the movie. At that time the Croods were living in a much bigger cave with their tribe.
The white rectangles are the guide for the camera movement. It should be read from left to right. Here and there bits of comedy.
A lot of work for just a "panel":)


Anonymous said...
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marrazkilarixe said...

Mmm... a little bit weird and suspect the message from above:S
Anyway, Grazie Gabriele for your new little piece of gold!
I can´t wait to see The Croods movie.
It looks great!

And please, keep on posting these little gifts!

nlombardo said...

Beautiful drawing!