Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dylan Dog

These are two pages from "Dylan Dog".
Dylan Dog is a popular comic book in Italy and I believe few numbers have been published here in USA as well.
Each book has almost 100 pages, is in blank and white and is published by Sergio Bonelli Editor.
In the nineties I drew four books. The two pages above are from my last one.


Scott Wright said...

Now you're just showing off.

Love these! Thanks for sharing.

willipino said...

i really like the bottom page... beautiful uses of dark vs light.

nick said...

great stuff

alberto mielgo said...

Those are so beautifull gabrielle!
I need to check the again!

Laburrini said...

Hello Gabriele!
I'm a german/italian comicbook-drawer and I'm also a huge fan of Dylan Dog!!
Do you mind telling me which numbers of the series you drew? Or the titles of the stories?
This summer I'm going to Italy and I'd like to look for these books! The drawings look so strong and dynamic, I'd like to read the whole story!...
Your work is very inspiring!!
Grazie mille!!